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Double Dare Spa OMG! 3 in 1 Kit Peel Off Mask

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Double Dare Spa
OMG! 3 in 1 Kit Peel Off Mask is a combination mask kit with multi-functioning, anti-aging, and deep cleansing! This kit is infused with pure 24k gold, and Peel Off Mask kit will instantly boost your skin’s firmness while reducing the appearance of fine lines. It deeply cleanses skin without irritation for the radiant and luminous complexion.
Step 1 - Eye Zone 24k Gold Eye Patch
24k Gold Eye Patch is a soft hydrogel patch for nourishing the delicate skin under the eyes. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet to achieve firmer, revitalized and youthful-looking eyes.
Step 2 - Face + Neck Peel Off Mask
Face + Neck Peel Off Mask is the ultimate solution for removing dead skin cells and excessive oil. It reduces the appearance of pores while enhancing the skin’s overall appearance without irritating skin. This unique gel formula is made with a removable gold metallic film that helps your skin to feel more firm and lifted.
Step 3 - Moisture Finishing Cream
Moisture  Finishing Cream is formulated with advanced hydration and active technology. This rich and hydrating ingredients will leave your skin restored, replenished, and hydrated.
Package Includes:
Eye Zone 24k Gold Eye Patch 4.4 g
Face + Neck Peel Off Mask 10 g
Moisture Finishing Cream 2 g
Made in Korea