Iden Bee Moisture Therapy Shampoo

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Bee Moisture Therapy Shampoo
Luxurious lather gently cleanses while helping to replenish moisture level
Fortifies against breakage by delivering intense hydration for dry and parched hair
Strengthens and increases manageability
Provides vital nutrients that encourage healthy hair growth
Leaves hair more shiny, silky, and noticeably more healthy  
Key Ingredients
Propolis Extract - Natural antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Natural source of vitamins and amino acids. Provides natural sun and UV protection.
Aloe Vera Leaf Extract -  Contains proteolyctic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp and naturally soothes. Helps act as a conditioner while leaving your hair smooth and shiny.
Argan Nut Oil -  Antioxidants from Vitamin E, help boost cells to promote healthy hair.
300 mL / 10.1 oz
Made in USA