Fullips Lip Enhancer in Large Round

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Lip Enhancer
Large Round
This  would not be the best choice for use if you are looking to target specific areas; one of the ovals is better suited for that.
This  enhancer is also best for a person who has a larger mouth area and/or fuller lips in general.
This  enhancer may offer some benefit to plumping up small lip lines around the mouth area for some people.
Made in USA
As Fullips enhancers are for personal use for each customer, we do not accept any returns

What size should I get?
Large Round for overall lip fullness
Medium Oval for small to medium mouths or thin lips
Small Oval to target certain areas and the center of the mouth, also great to use vertically!
Large Round:  The Large Round Fullips is great for people who already have bigger lips to begin with. The Large Round will give you an overall fullness in your lips. Not recommended for targeting specific areas. This size can be a great final touch up once you have used the small oval or medium oval to shape and target specific areas of your lips.
Medium Oval:  The Medium Oval Fullips is great for people with small to medium sized lips. The Medium Oval can be used horizontally or vertically. The Medium Oval is also great for targeting one lip at a time as well as reaching the far corners of your mouth. If you have a thin upper lip and a fuller bottom lip, the Medium Oval is perfect for targeting your upper lip to even out your lips.
Small Oval:  The Small Oval Fullips is great for people who already have smaller lips. This is my personal favorite of all 3 sizes we have. You can use the Small Oval horizontally or vertically to really target the Cupid's Bow area of your lips. If you have thinner lips already, this is the size for you. If you are looking to really target the Cupid's Bow in your upper lip, this is the size for you.