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ELC Pure Olove Color Care Conditioner

$ 22.00

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ELC Dao of Hair
Pure Olove Color Care Conditioner
Great For Curls and Keratin Treatments: Nourish and and soften your curls while protecting your color. Reduce frizz and increase shine, its a guaranteed way to make your curls and color look their best. Block your hair from environmental damage and UV light that fade color with regular use.
Repair Color Care Conditioner: ELC Olove Color Care Conditioner is an intensive color care, repairing formula that prevents color fading and eliminates frizz. ELC RD Smooth Frizz Conditioner is also specifically designed to add intense shine and luster to your curls and coarse dry hair types. Leaving your color fade free and locked in.
Ultimate Color Protection
Sulfate Free
360 mL / 12 oz
Made in USA