Double Dare Spa

Double Dare Spa OMG! Man In Black Peel Off Mask Kit

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Double Dare Spa
OMG! Man In Black Peel Off Mask Kit
Developed For Men's Skin + Sleek Masks + Skin-Performing Formulas
For the man who wants to go beyond the everyday skincare routine. Developed for male skin, which tends to be more oily, thicker and irritated due to shaving. The OMG! MAN IN BLACK is a sleek collection of mask kits that specifically address skin concerns and help eliminate, dirt, sweat and oil. Innovative formulas deliver action-packed ingredients to help rebuild and maintain clean, fresh and healthy skin with a smooth finish and visibly less signs of aging.
Step 1 - Detox Bubbling Mask
Energize skin with a rejuvenating black sheet mask full of skin-performing ingredients for a smooth complexion.    
Step 2 - Skin Mask
A unique sheet mask that adheres to the skin and provides incredible benefits specifically for men’s skin.
Step 3 - Serum Pad
Eliminate mask residue using this specially-designed pad formulated with a hydrating serum for a smoother finish.
Package Includes:
Detox Bubbling Mask 22 g
Skin Mask 25 g
Serum Pad 3 g
Made in Korea