China Glaze Vegan Plant Based Nail Polish Lacquer Edgy Veggie #82445 14 free natural ingredients nourish hydrate strengthen nails

China Glaze Vegan Nail Lacquer - Edgy Veggie

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China Glaze
Vegan Plant Based Nail Lacquer
Edgy Veggie #82445
Who knew the veggies could be so… good? Lovely soft green sage crème finish lacquer, with yellow undertones, is as crisp as delicious celery.
Believing in Nail Care with a Conscience. Eco Glaze's vegan formula is 70% bio-sourced, free of 14 and ethically made in the United States. 70% bio-sourced formula is made of natural ingredients such as: corn, sugar cane, cotton, beats, molasses. Eco Glaze's formula is designed to nourish, hydrate and strengthen nails with quick drying and long lasting technology.
14 mL 0.5 oz
Made in USA