Cheri Marble Tints Kit 2

$ 209.95

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Marble Tints Full 22 Piece Set
Created to make marbling faster and easier while giving each customer a unique one of a kind look on their nails
Marble Tints can be used with Nail Lacquer, Gel Polish, Acrylic Enhancements and Dip Powder Systems
Full Kit Includes:
All 20 Colors (15 Regular + 5 Metallic) - Amethyst Purple, Aquamarine Blue, Cinnabar Red, Tourmaline Brown, Citrine Yellow, Sapphire Blue, Peridot Green, Garnet Red, Malachite Green, Carnelian Orange, Beryl Pink, Slate Grey, Amber Brown, Coral Red, Obsidian Black, Moonstone Shimmer, Silver, Gold, Copper and Brass.
Cheri Non-Wipe Gel Top Coat
Cheri Gel Matte Top Coat
Alcohol 99%
Display Box with Instruction Video (English & Vietnamese)
For Professional Use Only