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2-in-1 Premium Cuticle & Duster Brush

$ 14.95

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Cuccio Pro
2-in-1 Premium Cuticle & Duster Brush
100% Sanitizable
Designed For The Professional Nail Artist
Firmer Bristles For Cleaning Natural Nail
Soft Bristles For Cleaning Finished Nail
The 2-in-1 Premium Cuticle & Duster Brush is designed with silky-soft, tapered synthetic bristles on one side that easily remove dust after filing the nails. Flip it over and the other side has shorter, firmer bristles for easy removal of dust and debris from the nail plate that perfectly reach the lateral nail folds.
This brush is ergonomically designed for todays multi-tasking professional nail technician and removes the need for two brushes at your nail station, saving you time, space and most importantly money.